Friday, November 26, 2010

Ad Review of Fair and lovely forever glow.

The advertisement opens with a woman observing herself in a mirror. She then says with a sigh, "Soon i'll be 30 and old". Her friend, looking at a magazine with a man on the cover,reading "young ceo at 30" remarks how unfair it is. "At the age of 30, the skin starts losing its youthfulness and becomes dull and dry. Signs of ageing also starts emerging. But while for a man, 30 is young, for a woman, it is old", she argues. The woman then looks into the mirror again and reconciles, "lets make it fair". She then uses Fair and Lovely Forever Glow and the next thing we know, she has replaced the man on the cover. As for replacing the man, she then says "not fair na!" and the ad closes.
Yet again, the fair and lovely ads have propagated Racism. Fairness is the key to success. Women are always seen as objects of beauty and love. So fairness is a very important quality for them. In recent years, Fairness has become an issue for men as well, thanks to them. Many people had started justifying this form of racism as a path to 'liberation' as now even men are expected to look attractive. But this ad shatters their dreams. In this ad, it re-consolidates the gender-divide. Even if women try to make a mark of their own, they should be but 'women'. Fairness is not only a quality but qualification for them for success. For a woman to be successful and at par with men, she should be beauty with brains. In the end, she says with a laugh "how unfair" for the man...How i wish it was!