Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life of a three-week old Fuchcha

Waking up at the first shout ...using an extra bucket of water...redoing the hair 5 times...readjusting the new dress 10 times...the struggle to calm down those butterflies on the stomach... this was the effect of my "First Day" fever.

I reached my new bus stop with my mom only to find that I an not the only fresher on planet!A dozen other bachcha-turned-fuchchas were being told off by their parents.

Sitting in the auditorium , I looked around the packed place and said to myself"yes! I have made it." For someone like me who never though of a college other than LSR , it was dream-turned-reality.I was happy not because i was now in one of the best institutes but because i always wanted to be here. I was taking in ever word of the principal as i was trying to feel the "LSRite". Presentations by Music and Dance society revealed that LSR was more than just the bets academic institute. And the thing i can recall scene to scene has to be "Are you smarter than a LSR girl ?" The concept of planting a sapling was really thoughtful . The Orientation day will surely be a long-cherished one.

The Orientation Day was the entrance to College Life - studies but with loads of fun ! And for fun ..we require friends ! I met my first College friend after the orientation . A little smile did the magic and "simple&sober" Sarita became my friend. My "I-am-lost" attitute made my hit upon my second friend - Shubha . This bengal tigress is an all-rounder - book worm , debator , actor , singer , classical dancer and most importantly ..a true friend . There are others on our small herd ...I being the shy jane got the "meditating Devi" title in my first week ! Regarding the fun part ..yes we do try to have fun .

Now about the study part : wandering from corridors to corridors in search of right classroom ...the struggle to catch the speed of the lecture train... adopting strategy to survive in those little classrooms ... adapting library as our second home...

Now When someone asks me "Howz college" ..i reply "Cat filled cafe ... too many books ...library ... backed by stress busters called friends !"


  1. Hey!Nice write!
    Sigh...I really wish I'd joined LSR!
    Aw well...I'll settle for living vicariously :)