Monday, January 10, 2011

Ab kaha hai "dharma ke rakshak"?

The above image is a scene from a popular reality show "Truth, Love and Cash", Channel V. The show tries to test which is more powerful- love(lust) or money? There are many 'temptation tasks'. One of the tasks was this - the female contestants had to pour chocolate on any part of their body and the guy had to lick it off. But this show is just one of the many popular shows objectifying men and women. The Youth channels(MTV, Channel V,Bindaas) are full of women in bikinis, semi-nude men and tutorials on seduction. Ofcourse, its all for money. But the shows sell this obscenity as "entertainment". They can sell anything for TRPs. The need to be the temptation is being absorbed by the adults(those in their 20s), the teenagers and the pre-teens. "The channel does not support or promote any view". It, infact, creates it. These shows sell a mentality. Money and Sex are the two things that rule. And these two are inter-connected. A sex appeal can give you money and fame. This mentality is accepted by people consciously or unconsciously. They will argue that people always have the option of not watching them so they have no social responsibility. The pre-teens and Teenagers only have the ability to grasp. They are too immature to reflect on this. Many people watch these shows because they make a good 'time-pass'. But eventually this 'timepass' will influence their mindsets.
These shows try selling obscenity in the name of being 'liberal'. But our society is not becoming 'open' or 'liberal'. The word is disgusting.


  1. The moral police are busy watching these shows! See, they were always miffed at not being the ones who had a lover. Now they are busy learning the 'tricks' =)) Jokes apart, I'm sure the moral police loves such shows :p

    And these 'modern', 'youthful' shows will not stop!! They will only grow :-?

  2. And i agree on the teenagers not having power enough to grasp and not to reflect on the consequences. And that is why the censor authority needs to wake up from just objecting to smoking scenes and use of the F word..... Guess they have their hands full of cash ;) so truth goes out ;;)

  3. And these 'modern', 'youthful' shows will not stop!! They will only grow :-? ... i agree

    n lolz yes... dey r fed, i think. but what abt the National Commission for women, child rights n all... all r sleeping.

  4. I watched the Dark Knight on WB the other day and they censored Harvey Dent's burnt face the whole time, ruining the movie for me ...and they are airing this on Channel V?

    when are these people ever gonna grow up?! :/

  5. haha imagine.. maybe coz burnt face may nt earn as much trp as this crap can...