Monday, December 16, 2013

My prayers for your happiness and healthy life, Ericana and Eludi!

Ericana and Eludi with their mother
Life is full of struggles, challenges and pain for all us. But unfortunately for some people, the struggle is greater. In Tanzania, for two male babies - Ericana and Eludi, the struggle had began with their birth. They were born as pygopagus twins which means that they are conjoined at the buttocks. Since their birth, their mother has been struggling to get them separated and lead a healthy life. The pain suffered by the twins and their mother is unspeakable and unimaginable.

But thankfully, the babies can now be said to be in safe hands. The mother had learnt about Apollo healthcare, one of the most efficient and trust names in modern healthcare today, and came to the Apollo Hospital in Chennai with her two beautiful babies and with her trust and hope.

The Apollo Hospital, on its part, is also doing its best. This case is one of the most challenging cases that not only Apollo but that the world has seen. Conjoined twins is a rare condition and most of the babies with this condition are either still-born or die soon after birth. This specific condition of conjoining at the buttocks known as pygopagus is even more rare. It is also generally found more in females. Till now, only 4 male pygopagus twins have been reported. So this case is definitely one of the rarest and the most difficult. But Apollo is doing all that it can to ensure a normal and healthy life for the babies. For this case, Apollo has appointed a team of 20 doctors from the specialties of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, paediatric surgery and pediatric urology. They have also sought the guidance of Dr. Edward Kiely – Paediatric Surgeon and Dr. Richard Howard – Anaesthesiologist both from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for the safe separation. Apollo has been taking care of the babies for 5 months now and on 16th, it will conduct the most important stage i.e. the separation surgery.

But Apollo has not just been giving them medical care, it has also given the babies and their mother an emotional support. The nurses have developed a bond with the babies. The nurses have nicknamed the babies as 'Ammukutty’ and ‘Chellakutty’. In turn, the babies have also bonded with the nurses. They and their mother have also picked up a few tamil words. But this is not new about Apollo. Apollo has not just been one of the world's most efficient health-care provider, it is actually a "care-taker" and of not just the patients but of the society. Apollo has many social initiatives like Disha, SACHi, SAHI, CURE and other initiatives to care for everyone, irrespective of their economic and social profile. Infact, the babies' mother had learnt about Apollo because of its presence through the Save a child's heart initiative of SACHi in Tanzania.  

So the babies are in efficient and caring hands. My wishes with Apollo. I wish them all success. I also pray that the pain being suffered by the two babies should end and they lead a happy and healthy life. My wishes also for the mother. May God bless all of them. 

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