Sunday, May 10, 2015

She is my mother my hero

This article has been written as part of Indiblogger and Godrej Expert's #MyFirstExpert contest.

While I do not believe in celebrating days by just giving a card or doing something nice on just one day to prove one's love or respect, I appreciate the essence, the motive behind the day which is to reflect on the person, the relation we share with him/her. Today, on Mother's Day, I would reflect on the bond that I share with my mother. 

We tend to take our mother's care and love for granted.. we think that mothers are supposed to be loving, caring, responsible and sacrificing. It is not true. They are not born like that. It is something that they acquire. Love definitely comes natural to people but the qualities that we often attribute are imposed, they are not something inherent. This is a fact and when I learnt this, my respect for my mother grew much more.

While I have not been a perfect daughter, I think my mother has been more than being just perfect. There are not few but several wonderful and inspiring memories that I share with my mother. My mother was a working woman and she had many struggles in her life. Due to some reasons, she was solely responsible for caring for her three daughters and which she did without ever telling us about how difficult it was for. She always did the best for us. She ensured that we studied in good schools, colleges, study as much as we can and always motivated us to follow our dreams. However, what I feel is best about my mother is her attitude. She has been a very strong and determined person and this is what she has also tried to inculcate in us. She always taught us to speak against wrong, against any kind of injustice. While there have been several such instances, I would like to share one such instance:

I was in 10th class and during our pre-boards, we were expected to go back ourselves because the bus timings were fixed. On my bus route, there was a private mini bus which was ready to accomodate students who would go in school bus for pre-board time. It was charging higher for us than for the regular passengers. We thought it was fine as atleast it was convenient. However, during the second pre-board time, they asked for a price which was more than double the previous amount. My mother raised an objection about it and she was the only one to do. As a result, the bus person told me to not board the bus. I felt a bit sad and embarassed though I knew it was their fault. I was sitting in my class and my teacher came and asked me why was i still there and where are my friends. I told her the entire story and that my friends had left. She said that you are here because you mother dared to raise her voice, and stood for what is right and just. I thank my teacher because she made me realise what a gem my mother is. I felt proud of what my mother did.

My mother has not only always stood for what is right but has always been just. She has always believed in helping people, trusting them and has always thought good of everyone. I feel proud of my mother. We differ sometimes in our opinions but it is a fact that I respect her a lot and derive great inspiration from her. Now when i reflect back, I feel it was my mother who is actually #myfirstexpert.

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